Commander of Military Region 172/PWY/Jayapura : “Borderland still need troops”

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Jayapura (25/8) — Chairman of the Traditional Council of Keerom, Hubertus Kwambre admitted, the military operation still exist in Keerom Regency untill today.

“The military operation still exist until now because there is still shooting and violence in our region ,” he said at Waris, Keerom, Friday (24/8).

Regarding this situation, Kwambre have requested, security forces in Keerom having a good relationship with the community. “Church and society should wake up good cooperation with the security forces. There should be a security networks here, between church, community and security forces.” he said.

He added, shootings always reported by media was taken by an unknown person (OTK). “I asked the officer to arrested the perpetrator. Do not arrest OTK, but catching the perpetrator. If OTK arrested then similar events will continue to happen, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Danrem 172/PWY/Jayapura, Colonel Infantry Joppy E. Onesimus Wayangkau confirmed, if peoples still think about the problems for months, it will not thrive. According to him, the border still needs troops assigned. “Borderland still need troops,” he said.

Troops in the borderland could be reduced if Local Goverment of Keerom, Traditional Council of Keerom and community in Keerom could ensure the security. “Troops can be reduced if there are security guarantees from local government, traditional council, community and security forces,” Wayangkau says.

Wayangkau also said he hoped people who know about the shooting could be reporting to the head of the security forces. Because firearms only held by the military and police. Indeed, there are others who hold firearms but with the permission of the Chief of National Police. “The shootings problem in Keerom currently investigated. However it is the responsibility of the police,” he said.

Wayangkau said, the shooting problems and other problems in Keerom remains a national commodity as the border area. However, on the other hand, do not be overstated. “In other border area like in Kalimantan or Java are also having the same issue even more worst than here. But not like in Keerom. Not too shocking, ” he said. (Jubi/Musa Abubar/Victor Mambor)

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