12 witnesses of Paomako shooting being questioned

The victim’s family of Theo Cakatem (20) mourn over the dead body. Theo was a victim of a shooting incident against civilians in the area of Paomako Port, Timika Papua – IST

Mimika, Jubi – Twelve witnesses being questioned on the case of civilians shooting in Paomako Port area, Timika Papua. The incident was on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 had caused the death of Theo Cakatem (20) and other injured citizens.

“We’re in the process. To this day (September 8) we have questioned about 12 people,” said Mimika Military Police Commander, Lieutenant Two (Pelda) Eddy Harry, while receiving the victim’s family attorney, Friday (Septembr 8 ).

According to Eddy, the investigation process was conducted toward civilian witnesses and military person by Mimika resort police investigator since August 11 2017, or two days after the shooting incident.

A number of witnesses included four members of the Police, one Member of Babinsa Mimika, three non-indigenous fisherfolk, Head of RT Paomako Port, who were among the injured and a civilian parent of Theo Cakatem.

He explained that the witness is still lacking because there are still two expert witnesses that have not been checked. “They are officers of RSUD Timika, including doctors,” said Eddy.

Efforts to request expert witnesses from the hospital related to the death of Theo Cakatem who was stay at RSUD Timika from August 9 in the afternoon until August 10 morning.

Eddy mentioned the two expert witnesses as a complementary which then forwarded the completeness of the file to POMDAN Jayapura. “Next will be further investigation. However, if the file completeness is still lacking, it will be returned to Timika POM for completion, ” he said.

Representatives of Advocates/Human Rights Lawyers for Papua, Merci Waromi and Evander Dekeniap said they have received a letter of authority to advocate the case to court.

“The letter of authority from the victim’s family on behalf of Theo Cakatem, as well as other citizens who are victims in this case,” said Merci.

The defense team wanted to meet with the Timika POM Commander for confirmation because the perpetrators of TNI members were still active in the work area of ​​Mimika Regency.

“There are a number of things we have to prepare, including meeting with the Timika POM Commander (Ferdinan Ramadan),” she said.

Unfortunately Merci and the advocacy team have not been able to meet the POM commander. He said they are busy of receiving official guests from outside Timika. (Willem B)