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The 18th Congress of Papua Baptist Church; Ten thousand congregations welcomed three Papuans church leaders



Thousands of congregations attended the opening of Papua Baptist Church – Jubi/IST

Wamena, Jubi – Ten thousands of Papuan church congregations welcomed the Chairman of the Papua Church Synods, Rev. Dr. Socratez Sofyan Yoman, Chairman of the KINGMI Synod, Rev. Dr. Benny Giay, and President of GIDI, Rev. Dorman Wandikbo S.Th, in Wamena , Monday (December 11).

Three Papuan church leaders, known as trio of herds of the oppressed, were present at Wamena for opening of the 18th Congress of the Baptist Churches of Papua that took place in the Yematsi Sinakma Church in Wamena, Monday (11/12/2017).

The congress will be held until December 14.

The three leaders were with the entourage of Central Board of Churches of Papuan Baptist Church, from the lodge of Sinakma Bahtera Church to Yomaima, venue for the opening of the congress.

Thousands of congregations flooded the streets, mostly barefoot, accompanying the ‘three leaders of the people’ to the congress while dancing Papuan traditional mountainous dance.

“Congress participants are from 27 regions and 313 congregations,” said Chairman of the Congress Committee, Denius Kogoya, in his speech.

The 1st Congress, that was December 1966, was attended by only 276 delegates and 78 congregations. But today thousands are present, as quoted from the 18th Congressional handbook.

The President of GIDI, Rev. Dorman, who brings meditation in the opening of the congress, invites church leaders in Papua, in particular the Baptist church, for not too busy organizing the organization but taking care of congregation.

“Churches should not be busy with taking care of organization. We shall take care of the sheep instead. The shepherd takes care of the sheep,” he said in a sermon.

He conveys the point on how the shepherd keeps their sheep, and according to Wandikbo, there are three tasks related to that.

The first task of the shepherd is to feed. The sheep should get spiritual nutrition, because, those who do not get spiritual food will plunge into the path that is away from God and not be afraid of Him.

The second task of the shepherd is keeping the sheep. The shepherd keeps the sheep so the sheep know the voice of the shepherd.

After you feed and nurture, the last shepherd’s job is to keep the sheep, he said. Sheep are kept so as not to become the object of the ferocity of wild animals.

“Keep them out from the wolves come in,” he said, ending it with truly inspiring musings.

Rev. Benny Giay in his speech representing the Papuan church association said the Baptist church has proved its independence. The Baptist Church does not depend on anyone as the Baptist leader’s voice ‘we drink water from our own well’.

“Today you have proved that you can. You’re great, you can do it,” said Giyai, greeted with applause from thousands of congregation.

He also said, the greatness of the Baptist church is actually the greatness of Papuans who are trampled by the ruler. The greatness of Papuans has actually been recognized scientifically through research civilization of Papuans.

“I just got back from Switzerland. Researchers have proved that agricultural civilization begins in Papua, only the world is hiding it,” he said.

Giay also said the study proves that all bananas and sugar cane that exist all over the world come from Papua.

“(Those are all) cultural potential that we can develop, if only we look at education. Therefore, I order, we note the rights of our children to get a good education,” he said.

Chairman of the Papuan Baptist Church Synod in his speech before opening the congress said that the Baptist church is there to protect the people of God.

Therefore, he hopes that the congress will proceed well to evaluate and plan the future programs to run.

Through the congress, he said, whoever will be elected would be invites to support. However, if he is elected, it is clear to him that he will continue the previous tasks.

“I will take care of God’s people. There should be no murder in the name of NKRI on this land,” he said.(

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Provincial health team takes more rest than work, says Kopkedat




GIDI church missionaries, pastor and Kopkedat Papua provide public health services in Okmakot Village, Seradala Sub-district, Yahukimo District. – Jubi/Agus Pabika

Jayapura, Jubi – Chairman of Humanitarian Care Community for Remote Areas Papua (Kopkedat) Yan Akobiarek states despite education, public health services in Papua’s remote areas are still an issue.

Although the provincial health office has provided services to remote areas through several health programs such as Satgas Kaki Telanjang, Save Korowai and Nusantara Sehat, these programs have not well implemented.

“I think sending teams to remote areas is a good idea, but I get the impression that some team members only come for vacation, to work less and get more rest,” said Akobiarek told Jubi by phone on Tuesday (10/7/2018). For instance, he pointed out the team of Satgas Kaki Telanjang who are supposed to provide health service to villagers in Korowai. After the Ied al-Ftir break, their members are still not returning to their duty station.

Meanwhile, Maria Duwitau, the Vice Chairman of the Commission V on education and health of the Papuan House of Representative said doing health services in Papua, in particularly remote areas, is always connecting with a commitment. “No matter how greater of the offer, but without willingness and commitment, I think it’s useless,” Duwitau told Jubi not long ago. (*)


Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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SKP HAM urges the government to open democratic space for Papuan students




SKP HAM in a press conference in LBH Papua office. – Jubi/LBH Surabaya.Doc

Jayapura, Jubi – Solidarity for the Victims of Human Rights Violation (SKP HAM) Papua urge the Indonesian Government to open democratic space for Papuan students and conduct a thorough investigation on sexual harassment by a police officer at Papuan dormitory in Surabaya on last Friday (6/7/2018).

The Coordinator of SKP HAM Peneas Lokbere said the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia of1945 in the Article 28E Paragraph 3 and the Law No. 39 of1999 on Human Rights Article 24 Paragraph 1 state, “Each person has the right to associate, assemble and express his opinions peacefully” but what have been occurred to the Alliance of Papuan Students is a violation against the constitution.

“The police and military officers and members of the civil service police unit came to student dormitory trying to stop the weekly discussion. The students also witnessed the security forces carrying long-barrier guns. It was such an ironic,” Lokbere stated in the press release received by Jubi on Wednesday (11/8/2018).

Further, he stated that according to the Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Surabaya, the incident occurred when the Tambaksari Sub-district Chief accompanied by the police, military and civil service police unit of Surabaya Municipality came to the dormitory in the inspection of civil registration. “However, when students and public attorney from LBH Surabaya asked for an official letter, the sub-district chief was not able to show it.”

Meanwhile, the Director of LBH Papua Simon Pattirajawane said what have done by the security forces, in this case, is a violation against the human rights. “The Human Rights Commission should immediately form an investigation team to investigate this alleged case of intimidation, terror and racism against Papuan students in several cities in Java, including Surabaya, Malang and Yogyakarta.” (*)


Reporter: Hengky Yeimo

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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KOMNAS HAM Papua: AI is influential in the United Nations




Amnesty International when launching its report in Jayapura City. – Jubi / Doc

Jayapura, Jubi – Human Rights National Commission (KOMNAS HAM) Papua Representative said people should not underestimate the Amnesty International (AI) because the agency is quite influential in the United Nations.

Ramandey’s statement was related to the launched of AI’s report ‘Sudah, Kasi Tinggal Dia Mati: Pembunuhan dan Impunitas di Papua (Fine, Let them all died: Killing and Impunity in Papua)’ on 2 July 2018 in Jayapura.

The Amnesty International reports since January 2010 to 2018, the Indonesian security forces killed 95 people in both provinces of Papua and West Papua, which 69 victims killed without legal consent, and 85 were indigenous Papuans. However, the report has reaped the reaction from the police and military.

“AI is very influential in the decisions taken in the UN Human Rights Council, especially related to the human rights cases,” Ramandey told Jubi on Friday (6/7/2018).

Further, he said it should consider that the Amnesty International, which has 72 offices around the world, is the only institution received the accreditation from the UN to provide views on the alleged human rights violations.

“This is a good practice for the state to improve the legal system and litigation. A mechanism, a dynamic that the Indonesian Government—not only the police and military—should consider. The government must give a good response,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Director of LP3BH (Research, Study and Legal Assistance of Manokwari) said both civil and military officers in Indonesia have the custom to rebut over the report without sufficient data and investigation results of proper standards and methodologies. It often leads to polemical lies in public. “It could also lead to ignorance among Indonesians including Papuans about questionable legal facts in order obtaining fair, transparent and accountable information.” (*)

Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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