600 thousand/day for ojek service to PNG residents

PNG citizens usually buy their stuffs in Sota District, Merauke Regency, Papua – Jubi/Frans Kobun

Merauke, Jubi – Musa Dimar, one out of ten other people living in Sota District, Merauke Regency who works as motorcycle taxi drivers (Ojek), is serving the people from Papua New Guinea (PNG) daily by taking them home on motorcycles through the ‘rat track’.

Usually, after shopping, they would like to be taken back to their country of origin in Weriabel Village of PNG, at about 7 kilometers from the capital of Sota District.

“In a day, we went back and forth three times. For one trip of an ojek, we usually got Rp 200,000. So, if it three times, it means our daily income can be Rp 600,000,” Musa Dimar explained to Jubi Monday (August 1).

He admitted that the journey to Weriabel Village-PNG, is only taken approximately half an hour, when the dry season. But when it comes to rain and muddy road, the journey will take up to 4 hours.

“Since we’re in another country, on every street must show a cross-border card. That is the most preferred,” he said.

Moses also confessed, while keep working as ojek driver; they also bring a number of basic necessities such as rice, sugar, coffee and others to be sold in PNG along when they took the PNG citizen back to their villages.

Sota Sector Police, Iptu Ma’aruf justify there are several Sota people driving PNG people on motorbikes to their home country, after shopping in Sota, every day.

“PNG people always come in Sota to shop for basic needs. They can also choose to walk or by riding a bicycle, but Ojek is an option too,” he said. (*)