Absence of Health Service, Dozens of Nduga Residents Reportedly Dead


Alimi Gwijangge, First Vice Chairman of Nduga Legislative Council – Gwijangge’s Personal Collection

Wamena, Jubi – Dozens of people in Nduga District reportedly died between February and April 2018 because of not receiving health services.

“Since the first week of February until April 2018, 18 people have died in Dal Sub-district, and eight of them are children,” said Alimi Gwijangge, the First Vice Chairman of the Nduga District Legislative Council, on Saturday. He found the data of the deaths during a visit to the three sub-districts, Dal, Yigi and Nirkuri, on 3 April 2018. He further mentioned that two were also found dead in Nurkuri Sub-district. This incident happened due to the absence of health workers in these three sub-districts.

“So, the public health service is not well monitored,” said Gwijangge. He is said and concerned about this issue, and hopes the local government can help the victims immediately.

“The related office never pays attention to the community. It’s a humanitarian issue, so please do not mess it around.”

Jayawijaya Police Chief, the Adjunct Senior Police Commissionaire Yan Pieter Reba, also admitted receiving information about the deaths of eight children in Dal Sub-district. “After the outbreak of dengue fever in Yalimo, a few days later there was information about eight children died in Nduga Sub-district, namely in Dal Sub-district,” said Reba. (*)


Reporter: Islami Adisubrata

Editor: Pipit Maizier