Area of rice fields in Nabire is increasing every year

Ilustration of customary land conversation into rice field in Lagari, Nabire Regency – IST

Nabire, Jubi – The area of rice fields in Nabire Regency continues to increase, from 2015 to 2017 has reached 3500 hectares.

“In 2015 it already reach 2,000 ha, in 2016 new land opens at 1,000 ha and in 2017 another 500 ha, so now the total reaches 3,500 ha ,” said Novir Pawang, Head of Agriculture Infrastructure and Facility (PSP) of Nabire Regency Agriculture Office, Tuesday (October 31).

According to Novir, Nabire Regency through the Agriculture Agency will continue to increase the production every year.

“If the farmers planting two times in a year, then in one year can be up to 7000 ha of land processed,” he said.

Related to the number of Papuan Indigenous (OAP) who becomes paddy farmers, he said, it only 10% from the total existing farmers .

“OAP is able to plant rice, we continue to help them and they can,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Food Crops Department of Agriculture, Abubakar added that in average, farmer planted twice in a year.

Both said to continue to conduct guidance and supervision in increasing rice production, starting from land clearing until planting
season to harvest. (