As a Good Citizen, I Anwer the Summons, GIDI President Says

The president of the Evangelical Church in Indonesia (GIDI) Rev. Dorman Wandikbo visited the Papua Police on Monday (3/8/2015) - Jubi
The president of the Evangelical Church in Indonesia (GIDI) Rev. Dorman Wandikbo visited the Papua Police on Monday (3/8/2015) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – President of the Synod of the Indonesian Evangelical Church (GIDI) in Papua, Rev. Dorman Wandikbo, answered a police summon on Monday (03/08/2015) to be questioned as a witness to the Tolikara incident which occurred on July 1.

The chairman of the legal team, Gustaf Kawer, said his client was posed with 37 questions during a four-hour interrogation session.

“He was interrogated as a witness,” Kawer told Jubi on the same day. ” Basically, there were five points of the whole questions.”

The first point was concerning on the composition of the committee; second, the changes in the schedule of seminars and KKR of 22-27 July 2015 to 15 – 20 July. Third, the requesting letter called on the prohibition of worship for Muslims as at July 11, 2015 and an appeal letter explained permits of worship but without loudspeaker, as at July 13, 2015.

The fourth point was relating to assault and arson; and the last point relates invited guests from abroad.

Gustaf Kawer said his client was examined and charged under Article 160 on incitement and article 187 about deliberately set fires.

Meanwhile, Rev. Dorman Wandikbo said, he came to the police in order to clarify two points. “I am a good citizen, so I answered the summons. I said what I see and what I feel, “he told Jubi.

At the police, he said he explained the chronology of Tolikara incident, which led to the death of a 15 year – teenager, Wanimbo Endi, injured 11 people because of gunshots, and the burning of dozens of stalls and a musholla.

In addition he delivered the results of the agreement between GIDI and Muslims in Tolikara. In the agreement, there are seven points and one of them is mentioned that the case will be handled in customary arrangement, so that both parties that become victims of “mis-comunication” would not be taken to the court.

“I asked Papua Police to not conduct legal proceedings on the case. This case is not intentional, but rather a misunderstanding. Therefore, I say a seven-point agreement with NU, “he said.

President of the Synod GIDI in Papua Police was accompanied by the legal team, the leaders of church institutions in Papua, as well as dozens of community and solidarity Civil Society for Justice and Peace in the Land of Papua. (Yuliana Lantipo /Tina)