Councilor Suspects Attempts to Stir up Trouble in Jayapura

Pro Indonesia Groups held a protest in front of Papua House Representative - Jubi
Pro Indonesia Groups held a protest in front of Papua House Representative on Thursday (2/6/2016) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan councilor Orwan Tolli Wone said recent events suggested that there were attempts to stir unrest between the communities.

Wone, who is the Chairman Deputy of Commission I of Papua Legislative Council for Political, Legal and Human Rights Affairs, said the emergence of many opposite groups was deliberately created to pit one group against another, not only between Papuans and non-Papuan but between indigenous Papuans as well.

“I think this situation was deliberately created. But I don’t know who’s behind this and what is his purpose; whether it is politic, investment, position or anything else,” said Owan by phone to Jubi on Thursday (2/6/2016).

However, according to him who’s politician from Democrat Party, there is possibility that the current dynamic was connected to the local political situation in Papua, which is not only including the simultaneous regional head election in 2017 but also ahead to the Papua Governor Election in 2018.

“This is a political year in Papua. This situation could have connection with the local political situation in Papua. But it’s only my assuming,” he said.

He warned the Papuan people to not easily being provoked by any parties who deliberately want to divide the people.

“People should be smart and do not want to become a tool for the benefit of certain culprit or group. Do not want to be pitted and victimized for certain party,” he said.

Commission I member of Papua Legislative Council Laurenzus Kadepa similarly said the people to not easily be provoked by this current situation.

“People should not be provoked with this condition. To those who deliberately create the crash among the people should be immediately aware. Do not make Papua like Poso, Ternate and Ambon to be involved in conflict because of ethnic, religion and race issues,” said Kadepa. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)