Councilors to Prioritize in College Admission

Head office of Cenderawasih University - Suplied
Head office of Cenderawasih University – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – A Papua councilor urged both public and private colleges in Papua to prioritize native Papuans in the upcoming new admissions as it is in accordance with a law on special autonomy.

“We want all the universities in Papua both public and private to prioritize Papuans. Up to now, we assess the mandate of the Special Autonomy Law has not been implemented, especially Cenderawasih University, which should prioritize Indigenous Papuans, ” Nioluen Kotouki, a member of Commission V on education and health said on Monday (8/6/2015).

He said the law should be applied for the interests of Papuans and Jayapura should be at at the fore front of this.

He said favouring native Papuans is not a form of discrimination as it is a mandate of Special Autonomy Law.

Meanwhile, a member of Commission V of Papua Legislative Council, Nathan Pahabol said, Papuans need to be given priority in terms of education. He said, the problem of education and health have been clearly stipulated in Papua Special Autonomy Law. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)