The tree house of Korowai Tribes (
The tree house of Korowai Tribes (

Jayapura , 4/3 ( Jubi ) – A former Merauke regent, John Gluba Gebze, has warned against the division of the Korowai tribe.

“There should be no division within Korowai tribe. If they want to open a new autonomous region ( DOB ), all must be united,”  Gebze told reporters at Grand Abe hotel during a meeting between traditional leaders, intellectuals and public figures from Korowai who live in Jayapura on Monday night ( 3/3 ).

“Divisions  will only trigger conflicts. If that happens , who will be responsible? ” Gebze asked.

He said that should a South Papua province be established and Korowai become  a new autonomous region ( DOB ), there would be shops along the road linking Korowai with Merauke .
“Korowai People should not be employees but employers, so that they won’t  become slaves on their own land, ” he said.

Ismail, one of youth leaders from Korowai  told that he was very proud to be able to meet  and hear in person the advice of the former of Merauke regent because Korowai people are concerned about attempts to divide communities by unscrupulous elements .

“We do not want Korowai people to be divided. We want all Korowai people to be united. Even if our territories are divided, we do not want to join other tribes, ” Ismail said in the meeting. ( Jubi / Aprila/ Tina )