Eight Abepura Prisoners Obtain Decennial Remission

Filep Jacob Samuel Karma who’s sentenced for 15 years to peacefully stand for Papua independence - Jubi
Filep Jacob Samuel Karma who’s sentenced for 15 years to peacefully stand for Papua independence – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Eight prisoners of Abepura Prison, Papua, were granted sentence cuts given every 10 years under Indonesian Law. Prisoners who obtained remission are those who previously given the general and special such as in public holiday.

The current decennial remission was applied in 2015, which was given to eight prisoners including the prominent Papua’s political prisoner Filep Jacob Samuel Karma who’s sentenced for 15 years to peacefully stand for Papua independence.

Karma once refused both general and decennial remission offered by the government. He planned to pursue his fifteen years ‘contract’ at the Abepura Prison until 2019, though finally he was ‘forced’ out on 19 November 2015.

The Head of The Prisoners Division of the Law and Human Rights Ministry of Papua Region, Johan Yarangga said the decennial remission is merely given once every ten years to the prisoners who have undergone a minimum of six months of detentions and considered a good behavior. The remission is given to all types of prisoners, both criminal and political prisoners and to those who have obtained a general or special remission.

Further, Yarangga who’s former Abepura Prison Chief said of eight prisoners given the remission, only Filep Karma is directly released while the seven prisoners still undergo their remaining detention period. “Except Filep Karma, seven prisoners are still in jail to undergo their remaining detention period,” he said.

The decennial remission is referring to the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Right’s Decree No: W.30-300-PK.01.01.02 Year 2015 dated 15 October 2015 of Law and Human Rights Regional Papua Office. The Ministry Official Abner Banosro on behalf the Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights Affairs signed the decree. Yarangga said the eight prisoners are consisting of seven regular prisoners and a political prisoner.

They are Agus Risdiyanto with a month and 15 days remission; Ir. Ahkmad Yusmam MM (2 months); Aloysius Leonard Fanghoy SE (2 months); Asmar Hamza Batjo (3 months); Musrifah SE (2 months); Oktovianus Karet SE (2 months); Amirudin Bedu (1 month, 15 days), political prisoner Drs. Filep J. Samuel Karma with three months remission.

Karma’s Attorney Olga Hamadi said the decennial remission is a prisoner’s right including her client. Though her client refused the offer, she revealed her client didn’t get the same right like other prisoners. “His rights as prisoner to get meals, health service, and so on was gone. And other prisoner will also occupy his jail. He certainly should get out, getting remission is his right,” said Hamadi.

Earlier, Karma refused the remission from the Indonesian Government including the decennial remission. According to him, for the security reason, he preferred to stay in jail rather to become a free man, which he considers more risk. Karma told Jubi at the time before his release on last week ,” This remission gives no different as if escaping from the small jail to the big one. The Indonesian jail, the imperialist jail.” (Yuliana Lantipo/rom)