Father Jhon: Military Hurts Papuan People’s Hearts

Paskalis Kosay was shot by a soldier when chewing the beetle nut at a beetle nut stall located at Jalan Sulawesi, Wamena - Jubi
Paskalis Kosay was shot by a soldier when chewing the beetle nut at a beetle nut stall located at Jalan Sulawesi, Wamena – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Human rights activist in Papua Central Highland, Father Jhon Jonga, said the shooting incident over Paskalis Kosay perpetrated by military personnel identified as FA who’s allegedly under alcohol influence is yet another proof of the Indonesian Military’s habit of harming Papuans.

“Indeed it is a big hurt for Papuans, furthermore he is a Military Police’s personnel. It means he comes from the elite level of military, which means his emotional stability is beyond others. This action was really add injuries for Papuans,” Father Jonga, the Yap Thiam Hien 2009 awardee, told Jubi in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency on Saturday (29/11/2015).

On Friday (27/11/2015), around 01:00 AM, a Military Police’s personnel who allegedly under alcohol influence shot a civilian named Paskalis Kosay (18).“I often emphasized this to the military commanders those who drunk shouldn’t given a weapon. I also heard the perpetrator was drunk. The last shooting incident in Timika was also involved the drunk soldiers. What would it be if it kept to be happened all the time?” he said.

He even demanded the Indonesian Army Chief General Muliyono to prove his promise to crack down those whose do the power abuse to harm the Papuans. “Sometimes ago, the Indonesian Army Chief committed he would be strict, didn’t he? Concerning to his promise, I want to say to both military regional commander or district commander to give severe punishment over this Military Police’s personnel in according to the law,” he said.

According to him, the incident was occurred before the Papuan independence anniversary on 1 December. “Each time ahead to December, the incident (shooting) like this is always happening. I think these patterns had been set,” he said.

A victim’s family member, Marten Kosay, said the incident was occurred in Jalan Sulawesi, Wamena at around 01:00 AM of Papua time when he and his friends gathered in front of Himalaya Store in Wamena. They planned to come in the dance party that had been started since 21:00 held in a residence’s house.
“We were already at the party house. When we heard the shooting, we thought it was the car tire. So, we just ignored. Not a second, a boy called Dedi came running and told us that Paskalis had been shot. We all stood up at once. Paskalis’ brother named Yoel directly hold the perpetrator who was trembled at the time, but other personnel came and pushed Yoel,” Marten Kosay explained.

Paskalis Kosay was shot when chewing the beetle nut at a beetle nut stall located at Jalan Sulawesi.
“This boy (the victim) was stood chewing the beetle nut here, then the perpetrator who already drunk came to sit on the chair near the stall. We knew he was drunk and parked his motorcycle there, and then sat down. And because of he was drunk, he directly shot the victim who was chewing the beetle nut,” he said.

“I think he (the perpetrator) has a problem. He sat there for quite long before shooting. Fortunately, the bullet hit the beams, if not it must deeply hit his body,” said a woman, the beetle nut stall owner that visited by victim. (Wesai H/rom)