Government organization is needed to handle Papuan indigenous

Solidarity of Papuan mother traditional merchant in a demonstration to protect their right – Jubi/Zely A

Jayapura, Jubi – Member of Papua House of Representatives on government, law and human rights commission, Laurenzus Kadepa suggested the Papua Provincial Government to establish a local apparatus organization (OPD) or a special agency for handling indigenous Papuans (OAP).

If an OPD is not possible, he said a special agency for dealing with OAP can be established, similar to Health Development Acceleration Unit (UP2KP) which focusing on health issues in Papua.

“I suggest establishing OPDs or specialized agencies in dealing with OAP,” he said to Jubi last weekend.

The tasks of the agency or OPD are among others to list the number of OAP from year to year, how many had died and born. He also suggest the agency would also collect data on percentage of indigenous Papuan’s children who received education from early childhood to college, who study abroad, as well as  access to education and health services.

“Based on those data, the government’s development policy then can be well targeted. The government will take a policy based on the number of OAP because I do not really believe the Papuan People Assembly (MRP) would do that,” he said.

He acknowledged that Special Autonomy Bureau exists in Papua Province, but according to him the scope of their policy is so wide. He would like to make sure that the focus of (new) agency is more to monitor development of OAP from year to year, which is not conducted by the existing agencies.

“Do not take for granted the euphoria of development that makes us forget human development of Papuan. To focus only on development will ignore the number of OAP who’s increasingly diminished,” he said.

Separately, member of Papua House of Representatives Commission V on population, Natan Pahabol said it is impossible to ensure the proper use of special autonomy if the government does not have responsible data on the number of OAP.

“How will the government claim to protect OAP if it does not have accurate data on the number of OAPs? How can the program claimed to be targeted to OAP?” Natan said. (*)