Papua Governor Lukas Enembe (Jubi)
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe (Jubi)

Jayapura, 30/4 (Jubi) – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe has called for increased supervision on civil servants, in particular those who are not disciplined and often abandoned their duties.

“I ask the regents to mete out penalties to civil servants who often neglect their work, because they don’t contribute to development and public services to the community.  I think salaries for those who are often absent should be suspended or terminated,” Enembe told reporters at Jayapura City on Wednesday (30/4).

The governor has issued an official letter to the regents in order to monitor their employees. The governor’s instruction followed public complaints that civil servants are often seen in the cities than in their places of work.
“Yes, we are very concerned about this issue, and there are regencies who are already implementing the instruction. We have received the report. We should crackdown on  undisciplined employees, but it would depend on the regents as well,” he said.

Earlier, Enembe also issued a ban on smoking and chewing betel nuts for  civil servants in the provincial government Officein order to create a comfortable and peaceful working environment.
“We will build smoking rooms for those who smoke so that they don’t disturb non-smoking employees,” the Governor said. (Jubi/Alex/rom)