High School Teachers in Nabire Not Paid Yet

High School/Vocational School Teachers in Nabire – Jubi / Titus Ruban

Nabire, Jubi – Most of the 396 high school and vocational high school teachers in Nabire Regency admitted for not receiving a salary for months. This is revealed in a dialogue held with the Head of Nabire Regional Finance Office and local legislators.

“Salary is paid only for one month, precisely in April,” said John Ramandei, the Chairman of Teachers Association of the Republic Indonesia (PGRI) Nabire District, on Saturday (7/4/2018). In addition, he said some teachers have not received their salary for four months, from January to April 2018.

Currently, PGRI is preparing a database of teachers whose salaries have not paid yet. He hopes it would not exceed the April’s deadline. “If possible, the salary should be paid within next week. All should be paid,” he said.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Commission B of the Nabire Legislative Council, Iskandar stated that the Nabire Local Government should make a payment of teachers’ salaries in advance, even though they still do not receive the instalment from the Papua Provincial Government.

“But the local government takes no action,” said Iskandar.

He noted when the teachers held a protest, the Head of Finance promised to pay the four-months salaries to the teachers. “It’s about a promise.” (*)


Reporter: Titus Ruban

Editor: Pipit Maizier