Indigineous peoples of Papua in remote area (Jubi)
Indigineous peoples of Papua in remote area (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi ( 19/3 ) –  The head of the Health Department in Merauke, Stefanus Ozok said malnutrition remains a concern among communities especially in rural areas and transmigration sites.

Places where malnutrition is a problem include Kimaam, Okaba and several other districts.
“We must find out whether the problem stems from lack of food or some other causes,” he told at Swissbel Hotel on Wednesday ( 19/3 ).

He said that there has been no improvement in the situation, so he plans to invite representatives from each working unit and (SKPD ) to discuss the matter.
“We can’t work alone as our task is much more on public information and supervision, ” he said .

A number of related agencies such as the department of agriculture and fisheries  also play an important role, according to him.

For example, the Department of agriculture can encourage communities to cultivate existing land for survival.

In addition, local residents also need to eat fish in line with  the program of Merauke Regent Romanus Mbaraka to promote higher intelligence among children.

Separately, the head of Women Empowerment and Family Planning Merauke, Albertina Mekiuw added, the eat-fish program should continue to be encouraged because the benefit is huge .
“We always remind parents to routinely encourage children to eat fish, ” he said . ( Jubi / Frans L Kobun / Tina)