Jayapura Regent: Minaret is not an extraordinary case

Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw when interviewed by the press in his office. – Jubi/Engel Wally

Sentani, Jubi –Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw stated the issue on the minaret that fussed in social media is not extraordinary.

He admitted that it was a sensitive issue, but many ways can be done to resolve it.

“People’s aspiration is also important, but the building has been constructed before I was elected. Therefore, people shouldn’t be overreacted in addressing it. We will sit together and discuss the best solution,” he explained in his office on Wednesday (14/3/2018).

The regent asked all parties to do their activity as usual and do not being affecting with such an issue that might be led to a dispute among the community. “We will review all permits on the construction of buildings in this area. Because it could not be simply done, but there are some regulations behind it,” he said.

The Chairman of the Interfaith Forum (FKUB) of Jayapura Regency Hosea Taupudu said in regards to the construction of minaret of the Al-Aqsha Mosque that becoming viral in social media, the forum has sent a letter to the Papuan People’s Assembaly and Papua Police Chief.

“There will be a meeting between the local government, the FKUB and mosque officials on next Friday. For us, whatever is stated by the local government, it becomes the important points to be considered. Agitation or provocation in the community should be stopped,” he said.

The construction of the Al-Aqsha Mosque’s minaret in Sentani has been viral in the social media. A number of netizens protested about the height of the minaret.

The mosques management has met the Government of Jayapura Regency as well as the local House of Representative in order to find the best solution on this matter. (*)


Reporter: Engel Wally

Editor: Pipit Maizier