Kabianggama people threatened with starvation

Initial photograph of landslide disaster, before landslide almost buried communities’ farms at six villages in Kabianggama district, Yahukimo Regency – Jubi / IST

Yahukimo, Jubi – After landslide disaster in the Kabianggama district of Yahukimo Regency, mid-December 2017, the residents of six villages are now threatened with starvation.

“Three locations of our yam farms are buried by landslides. We do not have any food, “said Niko Bahabol from Kabianggama district who just arrived from Buahun village in Dekai, Friday (January 12).

Lack of means of communication has made Niko walked for three days and two nights from his village to Wamena, to deliver the landslide disaster news.

“Meanwhile, the victims of the landslide were evacuated to Kabianggama District Office. We slept there because our houses were covered by avalanche of Bibil Mountain. It is hard to get clean water because the water becomes dirty due to landslides mud. We really need government help, as soon as possible,” he said.

Enius Yual, the coordinator of landslide disaster of Buahun village, said the landslide occurred because the mountain of Bibil was crack in the middle and then there was a shift of lands and landslides. As a result, dozens of houses and farms owned by residents were damaged and dozens of livestock died.(tabloidjubi.com)