KNPB categorically denies distributing leaflets announcing the formation of a “Declaration Committee”

General secretary of West Papua National Committee, Ones Suhuniap (middle) after the meeting with High Commisioner of Human Right, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on February 2018 – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – The Central Leadership of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), denied having circulated leaflets inviting the people of Papua to be involved in the preparation of a Declaration Committee for the creation of a West Papuan state.

This outright denial was made by Ones Suhuniap, Secretary of the KNPB.

“The appeals or leaflets that were spread on social media and further distributed in the communities did not officially come from the Central Leadership of KNPB”, Suhuniap told a number of journalists, at the Waena Expos Complex in Jayapura, on Tuesday (3/4/2018).

Suhuniap said his organization was not involved in the formation of any such a “declaration committee”.

He also stated that the group calling itself the “Preparatory Committee for the State of the West Papuan Republic” which will hold its declaration on 5 April 2018, was not part of the organization he leads.

“I reiterate that no single component of the Papuan independence struggle has set up such a preparatory committee for a West Papuan state,” Suhuniap said.

He claimed not to know the group that circulated the leaflets, furthermore, his organization was not given a mandate for such an undertaking, so he was not responsible for any such movements in the land of Papua or abroad. In relation to the emergence of these leaflets by that organization, Suhuniap felt obliged to declare that the Central Board of the KNPB categorically rejected any responsibility if casualties were to arise from this event.

“And by this way we officially convey to the people of Papua that the appeal letter about the declaration was not issued by the KNPB,” he said.

Suhuniap also stated that he did not know if one of the Committee members was a former member of KNPB. With regard to its content, the leaflet in question was an invitation to the people of Papua to attend a declaration by the “Preparatory Committee for the creation of the State of the West Papuan Republic” on 5 April 2018, at the Kalmowker field outside the Waena Housing Complex (Perumnas III) in Jayapura. (*)