Komnas HAM Papua visit three defendants in Nabire, said their case is specific

One of the three defendants when visited by representative of Papua Human Right Commission (KOMNAS HAM) – Jubi/IST

Nabire, Jubi – Papua representative of National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) visited three defendants, Jemmy Magay Yogi, Demianus Magay Yogi and Aloysius Kayame in Nabire police station.

Frist Ramandey, the representative of Komnas HAM Papua told Jubi in Nabire, Saturday (1/4/2017) that his presence is aimed to check police treatment to the detainees whether in accordance with human rights principles or not.
From his monitoring, the three prisoners were in a healthy condition. But, he said the police exercised their discretion so that these prisoners get special safety standard treatment.

“The reason is not whether the prisoners will escape or so, but also the safety of other prisoners,” said Ramandey without further elaborating.

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All three are also not held in common cells as other prisoners, but in a separate cell with handcuffs. They are released only to have meal and going to the bathroom.

But Ramandey claimed to have requested the police to give the rights of the three prisoners, such as right to have family visit and the right to health care.

Separately, Jemmy Magai Yogi’s mother expressed grateful to Komnas HAM Papua representatives who visited the three defendants.

“We are grateful that KOMNAS HAM Papua visited our children,” said Mama Olipa Gobay, the biological mother of Jemmy Magay Yogi, to Jubi at her house in Paniai Sunday (2/4/2017 ).
Mama Gobay hope the visit could change the attitude of Nabire Resort Police to provide flexibility for family visits.

“Maybe then we allow to visit them two or three times a week after KOMNAS HAM visited them,” she hoped.(*)

Report contributors: Titus Ruban and Abeth You
Editor    : Zely Ariane