Korowai people have rights to public service as citizen

School children of Lentera Harapan Foundation (YLH) in Danowage, Korowai with their teacher – Jubi/Agus Pabika

Mappi, Jubi – The Korowai people demand the same rights as other Indonesian citizens. The area has variety of problems for such a long period.

“The suffering enveloped the people in the southern plains of Papua. For years they lived and were far from developed and development,” said Yan Akobiarik, Chairman of Remote Regional Humanitarian Care Community (Kopkedat), in a press release received by Jubi on Friday (October 20)

The illness they most often experienced as happened to a child named  Puti Hatil (3) who suffering, boils, malaria, malnutrition, itchy skin. “In addition, many other diseases, including; elephant leg (filariasis), cough with phlegm, fever, hunger, and so forth,” add Yan Akobiarik,.

He also mentioned that Korowai people have a real crisis of health and decent education. Even the issue of cannibalism makes other people seems suspicious to really stay in Koroway area.

“Actually it’s a matter of very little concern. People do not lack of concern to come in and live with them for a long time, “Yan explained.

But at the same time, ironically some people often go there, but not to serve or live with them. People just go to take picture as such as poverty tour suffered by the local community.

Secretary of Care and Education for Rimba Papua Team, Soleman Itlay said that the government should pay full attention to Korowai. “Including Puti Hatil who is undergoing treatment at Dian Harapan Hospital (RSDH), Waena, Jayapura,” said Soleman.

He hopes the state involves all parties in an integrated team in promoting health and public education in Korowai. “Placing medical officers, nurses and doctors with a record setting up health centre,” It should be in every residential base in every village and district,” he said.(tabloidjubi.com/Zely)