LIPI: Papuan People Only Trust President Widodo

Coordinator team of Papua Study Adriana Elizabeth - Jubi
Coordinator team of Papua Study Adriana Elizabeth – Jubi

Jakarta, Jubi – A study by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) found that the people of Papua only trusted President Joko Widodo and not his ministers.

“Therefore the most important person to bring the peaceful in Papua is President Widodo,” said Coordinator team of Papua Study Adriana Elizabeth in Jakarta on Thursday (17/3/2016).

Moreover, on his last visit in Papua in 2015, President Widodo expressed his willingness to enter dialogue with any parties. Therefore, Papua Study team recommended a national dialogue to discuss many issues in Papua.

However, before holding a national dialogue, the team recommends on four series of introductions to be held respectively.

“First dialogue is the dialogue between President Widodo and three pillars of Papua, which are the local governments in Papua and Papua Barat provinces, Regional Legislative Council of Papua and Papua Barat provinces and Papua’s People Assembly of Papua and Papua Barat provinces,” she said.

Another introductions are dialogue intra-ministries and government institutions, dialogue intra-community elements of Papua, and sectorial dialogue to discuss the certain sectorial issues with relevant stakeholders, such as education and health issues.

But, Adriana said the government still considers the dialogue is a taboo. There is fear that dialogue will lead to the people’s desire for independence. “Dialogue is not to talk about position, but to discuss about different interests,” he said. (*/rom)