LNG and BP Indonesia are accused of public deception

LNG Tangguh of BP Indonesia is accused of public deception – IST

Sorong, Jubi – Chairman of the Customary Law Community Forum ofseven indigenous tribes in Teluk Bintuni, Yohanes Ateta accused Tangguh LNG and BP Indonesia conducted a public deception about the perpetual flow of funds channeled through the Dimaga Foundation as submitted by BP. Indonesia to indigenous communities in the region.

“We never saw the foundation, where it flows and on behalf of whom?” he told Jubi in Sorong, Tuesday (May 23).

He mentioned some time ago that seven tribes’ people were protesting because they did not achieve their right from BP Indonesia.

He also said that the employment of workers for Train 3new operation of Tangguh LNG in Tanah Merah of Bintuni Bay Regency ignore the indigenous people in the area.

Separately, Vice President Communications and External Affairs Staff of BP Indonesia, Wigra promised to send response from BP Indonesia. But up to this news written there has been no official response from BP.

Earlier, the Vice President Communications and External Affairs of BP Indonesia, Desy Unidjaja said that in addition to cash payments compensation, BP would also provides compensation in form of endowment funds.

It is expected to be a source of funds to the three clans to help support their welfare. The endowment fund management and development is done through Yayasan Dimaga. The Foundation is said will coordinate the three clans to manage the benefit.(*)