Peta_kab_kaimanaJayapura, 15/4 (Jubi) – Kaimana Regency should maintain and appreciate the result of research on the carved stonewall conducted by the Archeological Institute of Papua, said a Jayapura resident of Kaimana origin.

“It is true that Kaimana has a lot of historic places. But unfortunately, it gets less attention from the local government,” Erika Iha told to tabloidjubi.com in Jayapura on Tuesday (15/4).

She said the work of the Archeological Institute of Papua must be supported by proposing some places in Kaimana to included on the list of World Heritage so that THEIR historic values could be preserved and appreciated by the recent generation.

Earlier, the head of the Archeological Institute of Papua said a unique pre-historic site in Kaimana WAS found in 2013. The site has the traces of past civilizations that are very important to be preserved.
“There is a site of carved stonewall which described the elements of culture, social and environment and other unique aspects,”  Irvan Mahmud said.

He said the site is very important, so local people should maintain it. The support from the local government is also required in particularly through strategic policies in order to preserve the site  for knowledge and tourism.

He also said  if the site is well maintained or managed both by the local people and government, it might be considered for inclusion as a World Heritage.  (Jubi/Albert/rom)