Local workers should be prioritized at Sentani Airport

Airport workers in Sentani airport having a meeting with Regency Government Pemerintah Kabupaten Jayapura – Jubi/Engel Wally

Sentani, Jubi – The management and supervision of Sentani Airport is accused of not providing space for local workers. Therefore, local people working at airports asked for they employment to be prioritized.

This is revealed after a meeting helb by the Regent of Jayapura Mathius Awoitauw with a number of porters at the airport. Therefore, local people working at airports should be prioritized.
“We have told the airport management in order to be able to open up more space to local people here. We also asked the local government to give attention. The developm ent of Sentani airport in the future should consider various input and suggestion from all parties, ” Awoitauw told Jubi in Sentani on July 3.
Related to addition of fleets that will try out their operation at Sentani Airport, he admitted to have discussed it to a number of airline officials.
“The most important thing here is to open ourselves to our existing local potential.
Yesterday we have also met with number of airport workers (porters) and there were several proposals submitted to us, ” he said.
Since the airport is managed by Department of Transportation Awoitauw said coordination between authorities should be managed.
“Therefore, in response to some major events to be held in this area, such as PON(National Sport Week)  XX, all parties must be involved and manage it.  Tomorrow we will have a meeting with the airport management to discuss everything,” he said.
Head of Sentani Airport, Agus Priyanto said that they will coordinate with all parties related to management of Sentani international airport.
“It is not as easy to handle everything at the airport, because it is a vital object of state property that needs to be well maintained. But coordination with all parties is needed to be carried out, ” he said. (*)