Lukas Enembe: “it is clear criminalization”


Papuans represented the five customary regions hold a peace rally and ‘occupy’ governor office against criminalization of Lukas Enembe – Jubi/Alex

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe feels he has been criminalized by Police Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim), related to his investigation as a witness of alleged corruption of scholarship funds.

“There is no governor who is carrying scholarship money and distributed it for granted,” said Lukas, in Jayapura, Wednesday (September 27).

He allows police to arrest him if there is strong evidence related to the allegations. But he reminded the police that the responsibility related to the money is not in the governor but the technical agency.

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“How the inquiries order came out on August 16, 2017, and on August 18 I was being questioned?” Lukas added.

He questioned the foundation of the investigation, because the official who is responsible on scholarship is the education office. He invited the Criminal Investigation Police to summon the technical office that implement the program.

“So clearly this is criminalization against the governor of Papua,” he said.

During an interview with journalists, Lukas claimed to have met with the Head of BIN, according to him the meeting have discussed many things, not just about the elections of Papua.

“The agenda was including the inauguration of the elected mayor, so there should be no conflict between supporters, and the overall security of Papua,” he said.(*)


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