Many Traditional Sports are Forgotten, Official Says

Head of Sports and Youth department (Disorda) of Papua, Zeth Marey - Jubi
Head of Sports and Youth department (Disorda) of Papua, Zeth Marey – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Many traditional sports, such as terompah panjang ( long sandals) and engrang (stilts) have been forgotten the people of Papua, the head of Sports and Youth department (Disorda) of Papua, Zeth Marey, said.

Marey said Disorda would continue to explore the potentials at school levels by familiarizing the students with the sports.

“So, this year we will hold the race of long sandals and stilts. And next year we will hold more traditional sports competitions,”Zeth Marey said in Jayapura on Monday (10/8/2015).

Meanwhile, Assistant of Economic Affairs and Social Welfare of Papua, Elia Loupatty said promotion and development of sport recreation through education would require planning and sport recreation organizers, costs, monitoring and evaluation, and supported by the government and society.

However, we realized that there is still lack of sports coaching through education. Therefore, it should be done a strategic through educational path for the potential of young athletes among students.

“Disorda must continue the competition or championships in collaboration with the regency/ city,” said Elijah Loupatty.

“The sport has existed in various forms in all cultures of the oldest though. Exercise can be done as an exercise, education, entertainment, recreation, professional achievement, politics, business, industry and various other aspects of human culture, “he said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)