Unscrupulous Police and TNI Backing Illicit Alcohol Sale : Military Chief

ATW 174 commander, Brigadier General (TNI) Supartodi - Jubi
ATW 174 commander, Brigadier General (TNI) Supartodi – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – ATW 174 commander, Brigadier General (TNI) Supartodi said some police officers and military personnel are backing the sale of illicit liquor in Papua.

“I also want to emphasize, there are still security forces who are hesitant to take action against those who sell alcohol,” he said during a face-to-face along with traditional leaders, community leaders and religious leaders in the Hall Kodim 1707 on Tuesday night (20/10/2015).

He also hoped the people who know the identity of the soldiers that involved in the sale of alcohol, to immediately report.

A few days ago, his members conducted the control of liquor (alcohol) supplied from the outside as well as ‘sopi’ gin produced by community. “We did it because the situation in the area is concerning,” he said.

The impact of alcohol will make the situation uncomfortable and many lives lost. Therefore, the generation should be saved by eradicating the illegal liquor circulating in the community.
“I would like to ask all you are in this room, how much is revenue (PAD)withdrawn from alcohol? Do we pay more attention to earnings or care on human lives?,” he said.

He added, the meeting aims to find the best solution that there must be limits supplied in Papua and must have complete documents.

Meanwhile, H. Rustam said the need for the Regional Regulation (Perda) to be issued by the government on alcohol. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)