Military to Tighten Security on Border after Hostage-Taking Incident

33 special force members were repatriated after hostage release - Jubi
33 special force members were repatriated after hostage release – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The military will tighten security on the border with Papua New Guinea following the hostage-taking of two Indonesians in the neighboring country, the regional military chief said.

Relations between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have been good and are getting better as demostrated in efforts to rescue the hostage from armed men, Regional Commander XVII / Cenderawasih Maj Hinsa Siburian said on last week .
“The border security will be tightened so that the similar incidents will not occur in the future. However, there will be no additional troops, ” Siburian said during an function to deploy Special Forces Command in Rindam.

He said besides tightening the security at the border, the territorial approach will be also improved by urging the community in order to increase its own security in the region.

Related to the process of the release of the two hostages without any request on the part of the perpetrator, military commander said, in an effort to free hostages are always put forward a persuasive approach but also prepared other alternatives.

Earlier, head of Border and Foreign Cooperation Relations Papua, Susana Wanggai said the acquisition process by means of persuasive conducted by the Army PNG against the perpetrator.
“For that, of course we will maintain this relationship. As proof we have the same look that the liberation efforts and negotiations went well. The most important is the two of our citizens in good shape and healthy, “she said. (Roy Ratumakin/ Tina)