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Law and Crime

Paniai Investigation Just to Please Jokowi



Evacuate the bodies of Simon Degei - youtube

Evacuate the bodies of Simon Degei – youtube

Jayapura, Jubi – A government team will go to Enarotali, Paniai to investigate the shootings that killed four students there at the end of 2014.

However, the chairman of Special Committee of Papua Legislative Council on human rights Laurenzus Kadepa said the team, consisting of officials from the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security as well as the police was only established to please President Jokowi, who has ordered the Papua Police to immediately report progress in the case.

“The team will look for the data again, and want to socialize but oddly, this team do not involve National Commission on Human Rights and the Witness Protection Agency (Agency) so that the results are more independent. I assume it is merely to carrying out orders and pleasing President Jokowi, “Kadepa said this week.

According to him, he heard that there is an element of coercion that will be done to the affected families, victims, chiefs and other stakeholders in Paniai.
“This is in order to realize their desire to dig the bodies of victims of the shooting for autopsy. TNI / Polri, do not force the victim to fulfill his wish. I do not judge their seriousness to solve the problem. The investigation will be merely a symbol,” he said.

Paniai shooting case that killed four high school students and injuring dozens of civilians occurred on December 8, 2014 . Yet until now the perpetrators behind the action had not yet been revealed. Some parties have formed a team and conduct an investigation, but the result is still zero.

Some time ago, Papua police chief, Inspector General (Pol) Yotje Mende said he phoned President Jokowi and ordered the Papua Police re-open the case and immediately report Paniai development. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)


Police declare completion of Skrzypski’s trial documents



Jakup Febian Skrzypski with Frits Ramandey, human Right Commission Office of Papua – Jubi/Doc

Jayapura, Jubi – Relevant documents of 30-year-old-Polish Jakup Febian Skrzypski (JFS) who arrested by a joint team from Papua Regional Police and Jayawijaya Regional Police at a hotel in Wamena City, Jayawijaya Regency, a few months ago due to an allegation associated with an insurgent group are already complete.

Public Relations Chief of Papua Police Senior Commissionaire A.M. Kamal said the prosecutor office confirmed the completion of these relevant documents. Therefore, the investigators from the Directorate of Crime of Papua Police will handover both the suspect and pieces of evidence to Wamena District Attorney for further process.

“Regarding this case, the investigators from the Directorate of Crime of Papua Police have questioned four witnesses,” said Kamal on Friday (10/19/2018).

Skrzypski is charging against Article 106 of the Criminal Code concerning State’s treason that makes him possible to take life imprisonment or twenty years in jail.  “While other suspects YS and SM are still being investigated,” he said.

Earlier last month, the Head of Papua Representative Office of Human Rights Commission Frits Ramandey confirmed that the suspect Skrzypski was physically in good condition in the prison of Papua Regional Police.

“Even though he is fine physically, and as a prisoner, he has his right, but I think he is psychologically stressed,” Ramandey said at the time. (*)


Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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Law and Crime

Dekai gradually recovers, actors allegedly take advantages of clash situation



Houses of residents that burned during residents clash in Dekai,
Yahukimo District, Monday (8/10/2018) – Jubi. Doc

Jayapura, Jubi – Security situation in Dekai, the capital city of Yahukimo District, is getting recovered gradually. However, public activities in this town still not running well after the dispute involving residents a few days ago. Streets and the centre of the crowd are reportedly abandoned.

“Many people still decide to stay outside of the town. Schools, offices and shops are still closed. “I had a little walk this morning and only met some people riding their motorbikes,” a Deyai resident Nias Baye told Jubi by phone on Tuesday (9/10/2018).
He hopes the government of Yahukimo District to appeal residents returning to their homes. “The clash is over, but many residents are worried about their safety. Therefore, they choose to remain in their shelters. Shops should also be reopened so that we can buy our necessities and other things,” he said.
The clash triggered by a traffic accident occurred on Saturday that led to a dispute between two groups of citizens in Dekai for three days, from Saturday to Monday (8/10/2018).
Actors allegedly take benefits of the situation
Papuan legislator from Yahukimo District Sinut Busup suspects someones who take advantages of the clash situation. He said the traffic accident should possibly resolve by law, but what has happened was the two groups of citizens involved in the dispute and resulted in many casualties including many injured people and material loss.
“I suspect there are culprits behind the action who provoke the community for their interests,” Busup said on Tuesday (10/10/2018).
According to him, the police must investigate, reveal and arrest the perpetrators who provoke people that triggering a dispute. Moreover, he said another impact of this incident is students and pupils studying in other regions are worried and anxious about an unexpected situation in their hometown.
Meanwhile, Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup said the security forces are coping with the clash in this region. “At the moment, the situation in Yahukimo is safe and under control. I have already communicated the security forces asking them to investigate this case thoroughly,” the regent told Jubi by phone on Monday evening (8/10/2018).
He further said he wants this case to take to the court and not through the customary fines or an amicable solution. “I ask the person who triggers this conflict to be arrested and taken to court,” he said.
Law is a key solution
In response to this issue, a member KPMY (Yahukimo Students Community) in Jayapura Habel Pusop said their concern over the clash in their hometown that has taken many casualties.
“We are very concerned about the current situation in Yahukimo. At the moment, the situation is very tense that makes people uneasy. The government activity is not running well, so, we are in Jayapura feeling very sad,” he said.
Furthermore, he said this incident should be determined by law. People who found guilty in this incident must be treated by the Indonesian Law so that people can return to their normal activities without feeling worried.
“The problem was triggered by only one person, but the impact of revenge caused many casualties from both sides. As a student, we care, are upset and sad at the same time,” he said.
Finally, he asks all Yahukimo students throughout Indonesia, especially those studying in Jayapura City, are not provoked by many fake issues or hoax news about this issue.  (*)
Reporter: Piter L, Arjuna P, Hengky Y
Editor: Pipit Maizier


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Human Right

Ramandey: International mechanisms can help to settle Papuan past human violations



Illustration of demonstration to demand the sttlements of Human Rights violation  in Papua – Jubi. Doc

Jayapura, Jubi – Head of Papua Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) representative office, Frits Ramandey said that it is possible for human rights issues in Papua to be solved based on international mechanisms.

However, he said, as long as national mechanism is working, international mechanisms must respect and should not interven the process.

“But the intervention is very likely to happen in various international forums, for example some countries give their view of human rights issues in Indonesia, especially Papua in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) forum,” Frits told Jubi on Monday (December 8).

According to him, that was an example of international mechanism, and possible political intervention in such forum is unavoidable. Besides, both victims and other parties need the support of international mechanisms.

“For example, in 2017 some people referred to Papua journalists report in the media, for example, Jubi was a reference for various countries, especially embassies, such as Franciscan report, which provide basis for intervention, (in this way) the international mechanism is very possible.”

Furthermore, Frits said that periodical report from National Human Rights Commission (KOMNAS HAM) on human rights development and enforcement in Indonesia can be a fresh reminder for Indonesia has ratified several international instruments.

Related to the Paniai case, he hopes that the newly appointed TNI Commander will give TNI members a chance to be questioned.

“KOMNAS HAM Adhoc team needs to ask for information related to TNI involvement (in the case). If they fail to cooperate with Komnas HAM official letters such as the police, the credibility of TNI institutions will be ruin, as Indonesia is included in international human rights mechanism,” he said.

Previously Papuan legislator John NR Gobai said he supports international mechanism used for Papua human rights settlement. According to him, so far the central government has been acting indifferent.

“But the question is whether Indonesia government would gives permission or is willing, because international mechanism need government need support to be implemented,” said Gobai.

He said, it is possible to solve the problem of Papuan human rights with international mechanism but it is still rely on Indonesian government cooperation.

Governor regulation on Papua human rights

Related to the provincial mechanisms to settle past human rights cases, Frits Ramandey said that Papua’s governor regulation regarding human rights has not been realized. It is still stumbles in Legal Bureau of Papua Province.

Papuan governor, Lukas Enembe, according to Frits is committed to the regulation. He even had assigned Assistant I, Doren Wakerkwa (to be incharge) and Doren had given the governor guidance to the Legal Bureau of Papua Province Regional Secretariat.

“Komnas HAM has institutionalized the draft of its gubernatorial regulation,” said Frits to Jubi, Monday (December 8).

He questions the reason behind Legal Bureau lack of responses, while governor has ordered it. If there are any records related to the draft, it should be conveyed to Komnas HAM for correction.

“The Legal Bureau in some forums with the Minister of Political, Legal and Human Rights, expressed their commitment to resolve the human rights cases, but unfortunately the Bureau of Law is still lack of cooperatiion,” he said.

He said that Komnas HAM had coordinated with Head of Legal Bureau several times, but gets no respond. Frits note that it is important to remembe Act No. 21 of 2001 on Special Autonomy of Papua that was born because there were demands for solving human rights problems. (*)


Editor: Zely Ariane

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