Paniai students criticize education in their region


Hundreds of teachers rallied to the courtyard of the Office of Education and Teaching in Madi, East Paniai District, Thursday (July 13) – Jubi / Ist.

Jayapura, Jubi – Chairman of the Student Communication Forum of Paniai in Jayapura (FKMKP), Yosafat Mai Muyapa criticized the performance of Paniai local government, especially in the field of education, which is according to him more opaque.

Yosafat assessed the development of education in Paniai Regency is very bad because the lack of attention.

“The impact is to teachers and students in Paniai,” said Yosafat Mai Muyapa Monday (October 10).

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He also said that there are unscrupulous individuals who make education in Paniai as a business land. This was evidenced by the protests of hundreds of students in Paniai district on Monday (Oktober 9). “They went to the Paniai District Headquarters in Madi to demand teaching fees,” Yosafat added.

He asked Paniai Education and Education Office to immediately settle the unpaid wage issue, so the teachers would return to school and teaching.

“If their demand is ignored, the teachers will not reinvigorate teaching in their respective schools,” he said.

The condition of Paniai District education system will be discussed in series of seminar in Jayapura, specifically highlight the education system in the area of student ​​origin in early 2018.

Vice Chairman of FKMKP, Aquino Youw, said the agenda to be discussed in the seminar in order to get the picture of real condition of Paniai education.

“So every element is obliged to support Paniai education to be improved as our shared responsibilirites,” he said. (tabloidjubi.com/Zely)

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