Civil servant in Papua (IST)
Civil servant in Papua (IST)

Jayapura, 14/7 (Jubi) – The head of the Jayapura Regional Employment Board, Frans Pekey, urged Papuans applying for civil service jobs should not rely on a special policy or affirmative action.

“We can just rely on the policy. If it continues like this, how can we move forward? Sooner or later we have to be ready to keep up with changes and developments at the national and global levels,” he told on Thursday afternoon (10/7).

It is the time for the job seekers in Jayapura city to utilize information technology, he said.
“Do not rely on diplomas alone because rules are constantly changing,” he added.

Commenting on the online examination system or Computer Assisted Test (CAT) in Jayapura municipal government, he said his office was still exploring the possibility of cooperation with the head of Jayapura BKN, Cenderawasih University and high school/vocational schools.
“I think Jayapura city applicants are ready to use the system in recruitment of civil servants, ” Pekey said.

Even so, he admitted that he will go with any decision whether there are other policies that would later proposed, such as changes in the use of the CAT system or Computer Answer Sheet (LJK) which until now is still enforced.

Earlier, Jayapura mayor, Benhur Tomi Mano said that in July, the CAT system will be used in the recruitment process. ” We will apply the CAT in recruitment of civil servants in July, “he said. (Jubi / Sindung/Tina)