Pay 100 thousand rupiah, the Legislative Candidate Can Install the Campaign Branding Sticker in Public Transportation

Campaign Branding Sticker in Public Transportation (Jubi)
Campaign Branding Sticker in Public Transportation (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/1 (Jubi) – Many of legislative candidates of the People’s Representatives Council of  (DPRD) Kota Jayapura and of (DPR) Papua installed the branding stickers in public transportations. And they only pay Rp 100 thousand for this false-start campaign.

“They usually pay us approximately Rp 100 thousand,” Jupri, driver of public transportation, said to, Wednesday (15/1).  He also admitted that he does not know anything about the legal problem that he might be faced one day. “If there is a sweeping for branding stickers, I will please to take it off,” said Jupri.
While, Oktavianus Injama, Legal Division of the Election Commission of (KPU) Kota Jayapura separately said that his staffs, together with the Civil Service Police Unit and Election Control Board of Kota Jayapura have removed some branding stickers that were breaking the rules.
 “Yes, I admitted there is one or two candidates who still disobedient, but frankly its number has greatly reduced,” Injama said.
Actually the installation of the campaign properties is not allowed. However, he admitted that in the KPU Regulation No. 15 Year 2013, there was not yet find any clause related to the candidates’ branding in a private car or public transportation.
“Actually, KPU Regulation does not allow the installation of campaign properties in the car because it passing the protocol streets. However, we are currently focusing on the banners who were installed started from 3 December 2013 in Sub-District Heram to Sub District Jayapura Utara,” Injama emphasized.

Based on Jubi’s observation, the installation of the campaign properties such as the car branding stickers with pictures of the candidates, his number and party, were not only installed in the public transportation but also found in the private vehicles. (Jubi/Sindung/P. Maizier)