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Persipura Players Prefer to Break of Tournaments’ Uncertainty



Persipura Footbal Club - Jubi

Persipura Footbal Club – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Persipura Jayapura will suspend activities because o the lingering uncertainty about a league competition in Indonesia.

Persipura will not take part in the Kaltim Governor Cup and the Indonesian Police Chief Cup, said Persipura General Chairman Benhur Tommy Mano to reporters on Tuesday (9/2/2016) in Jayapura after meeting with Persipura coach and players.

“In the meeting, we (management-red) gave two options to the players whether to keep practicing but being unpaid or take a leave while waiting for a clear decision on tournaments,” said Mano.

He added the meeting was delayed in order to give times for both players and coach to decide over two options. “So, the players agreed to postpone while waiting for clear information of tournaments. Once it’s clear, we will call them,” he said.

Mano, who’s also Jayapura Mayor, said Bank Papua has replied the second letter of Persipura management related to sponsorship. “Bank Papua has approved our letter and agreed to provide Rp 2.5 billion funds. But we cannot get it all; it’s still included tax deduction and other cost. And it still cannot cover all the cost for a tournament. At least we need about 4 billion,” he said.

When asked about Kaltim Governor Cup tournament, Mano said since receiving the invitation letter from the tournament committee, Persipura Management has sent two officials to attend the meeting concerning to the preparation of tournament. In the meeting, Persipura officials asked question concerning to the Police Permit, but the committee couldn’t give proper clarification. “Because it is not yet certain, we would not harshly to decide our participation in that tournament,” he said.

At the same place, Persipura Manager Rudy Maswi said Bank Papua already stated its readiness to support Persipura to participate in the tournament, but Persipura cannot use the funds concerning to this uncertainty. “It is certain that in the signing of MoU should clearly mention the name of tournament. Well, until now there is any tournaments that clearly to be held, either it was Kaltim Governor Cup or Kapolri Cup or other tournaments. If it’s all clear, we will sign the MoU with Bank Papua and give report on tournament,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

Arts & Culture

Bark craftsmen are ready to welcome PON 2020




Art Shop owned by Mince Ohee in Sentani District Jayapura. – Jubi / Yance Wenda

Sentani, Jubi – Mince Ohee, 31 years old bark craftsman from Sentani, often sell her products in front of her house where located near to the entrance of Kalkhote pier in East Sentani sub-district of Jayapura District. Approaching the national sports event held in Jayapura in 2020, she admits ready to participate by producing more bark handicrafts.

“In the next National Sports Week (PON), I will participate selling these handicrafts. But I will only sell it at the art shop,” she told Jubi in her art shop on Wednesday (08/01/2010).

Meanwhile, another craftsman Elda Natasya said whether she’s ready or not in the national event, it depends on the supply of bark materials and the market demands.

“Now barks are a bit difficult to get. So, it depends on it. If we have enough materials, we are ready to serve as many as it’d requested.” (*)


Reporter: Yance Wenda

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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Freeport supports 8.5 billion for Persipura, possibly add 1.5 billion more




Persipura Management and PT Freeport Indonesia after signed cooperation agreement – Jubi/dok Persipura

Jayapura, Jubi – Finally a sponsorship to Persipura from Freeport Indonesia was approved. The value is the same as that has given by Bank Papua, which is Rp8, 5 billion.

“They (Freeport) will add Rp1, 5 billion more if Persipura becomes the champion,” said Persipura’s spokesperson and chairman, Benhur Tomi Mano known as BTM, in his release.

He was accompanied by Persipura Manager Rudy Maswi, the General Secretary Rocky Bebena and Media Officer Bento Madubun to meet the Freeport Indonesia Representatives, Clementino Lamury, Riza Primary, Napoleon Saway and Spencer Paoh, on Thursday (January 18th).  As the result of the meeting, PT. Freeport Indonesia agreed to give Rp 8.5 Million fund to Persipura.

“They are also willing to disburse more funds in the near future for the team,” added the number one person in this Jayapura city. He also said that in the near future, all the players would be gathered and get ready for the training camp. “Next week we will gather all players so we can practice,” he said.

Further, he also hopes that the players who are licensed for the President Cup to maintain their condition and avoid injury.

“The ones like Boaz, Justin and Frisca, I hope they keep fit, and avoid injuries. Especially those important players, they have also told me that they will take care of themselves. I also hope that the former players who move to a new club may try to become a major player or a core player in his club, we pray for their success in a new place, God bless,” said the chairman of Persipura.(

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Persipura Squad to Be Announced Soon




Persipura FC - Jubi

Persipura FC – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Persipura Jayapura will announce their squad who will compete in the Indonesian Soccer Championship (ISC) that starts on 15 April before Monday.

Black Pearls chairman Benhur Tommy Mano told reporters in Jayapura on Saturday (2/4/2016) that besides the name of players, Persipura management would also announce a new coach and assistant coach as well.

“We will announce it soon. No later than Monday (4/4/2016), the name of players, coach and assistant coach as well as physical trainer has been announced,” he said.

Mano said there is relatively no change for the local players. “I don’t want to speculate about the players we’ll keep, just see,” he said,

However, the foreign players such as Yoo Jae Hoon (goal keeper) and Edward Wilson, it’s clear. “But, just wait until we announce it on Monday,” he added.

Mano said the manager would be a foreigner, but he declined to disclose details about him.

“Clearly he is from abroad, we will announce it all including the name of local coach we hire,” he said.

Earlier, the Indonesian Professional Sport Body (BOPI) reportedly has approved the Indonesian Soccer Championship (ISC). The football completion would be held by PT Gelora Trisula Semesta (GTS) on 15 April 2016.

BOPI Secretary General Heru Nugroho at Sport Ministry Office on Saturday stated BOPI would approve all sport tournaments as long as it upholds the professionalism.

“BOPI will approve all sport tournaments as long as it could refer to the rules of professionalism, moreover if it is for a long term,” Nugroho said. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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