Police threatened Papua Office staff of Komnas HAM not to brought up the violence case

Head of Komnas HAM Office of Papua, Frits Ramandey (left) and Nareki Kogoya (right) reported the violence case to Propam Polda Papua, Monday (May 22) – Jubi/Arjuna

Jayapura, Jubi – Nareki Kogoya, a Komnas HAM of Papua Representative Office’s staff who got beaten (May 18) allegedly committed by police officers from the Jayapura City Station in Buper Waena, Jayapura City, submitted a report to Propam (profession and security division) of Papua Police on Monday (May 22).

Kogoya told jubi that a number of police officers entered the compound where he lived to look for perpetrators of the murder Dr. Suwandi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics Cenderawasih University (Uncen).

“I said, I’ll help them, I’m guarding them, and I don’t want them to get hit, those kids (who being accused relate to the murder) do not know the problem,” Nareki said.

According to him, the police asked who Nareki was and he explaine that he is a Komnas HAM staff of Papua Representative Office. But police seem did not care, he was even interrogated, taken to the police car and beaten.

Nareki suffered a wound in the corner of his left lip and was driven to the car and taken to Heram Police station.

“I told them that as fellow law workers I am ready to give them the information if needed. But after the interrogation, one of the police asked me to not making any report of the incident. He said I will get charged if I proceed to report. I feel intimidated and terrorized,” he said.

At Heram Police station Nareki was asked to make/sign investigation minute (BAP), but he refused. He said he only gave information and shouldn’t have been treated as s perpetrator.

Accompanying Nareki, head of Komnas HAM Papua office, Frits Ramandey said Komnas HAM staff is also subjected to law and he regrets that the incident happened and police ignored Mr Nareki statement.

“Regional police chief suggest us to report to Propam for the police suspected of beating to be investigated,” said Frits.

He would like to see the perpetrators are processed based on the criminal act. “We used to intimidation and pressure, it’s normal, but for criminal act, we cannot accept it. … and I think it is not difficult to identify the perpetrators as the commander chief who led the team that night would’ve known it,” he said.(*)