President Pays Serious Attention To Papuans

Indonesia President, Joko Widodo while visit West Papua - Jubi
Indonesia President, Joko Widodo while visit West Papua – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – Indonesian President Joko Widodo has visited Papua on several occasions to see for himself problems on the ground.

The visits demonstrate the president’s commitment to pay serious attention to Papuans, said the First Deputy Assistant of Presidential Staff Office Ferry Tetelepta during the meeting with Merauke Regent Frederikus Gebze and local government’s officials some days ago.

“The purpose of President Widodo’s visits is only to see and hear from the people about their problems directly, because Papuans must get attention like the others from other regions,” he said on Tuesday (24/5/2016).

“I also come to Merauke Regency to verify the program launched by the president as well as to compile a report and submit it to the president for a review and follow-up actions,” he said.

Merauke Regent Frederikus Gebze said the visits by the Indonesian President to Papua including Merauke Regency have been done several times, because he wanted to see and hear the people’s problems directly. Thus, it needs to be addressed or followed up. He added the president has launched the national barns as well as food sovereignty program in Merauke Regency. Thus, the history should be returned when Merauke received award from the United Nations in 1984. (Ans K/rom)