Residents of seven villages blocked the street of Demta

Community of seven villages in Demta District, Jayapura District, blocked te street of Demta 18th April – Jubi/Simon Daisiu

Demta, Jubi – Residents of seven villages led by the heads of each village blocked the Trans road Brap-Demta, Demta District, Jayapura District.

Road blocking was triggered by road condition that has been damaged for long time, but failed to repair.

Tarfia community leaders Abubakar Eli, one of the villages participated in the action said on April 18th that a palm oil company, PT. SInar Mas has operate and crossed this area since 2000. He suspects the damage is caused by cars/trucks passing carried goods belonging to PT Sinar Mas.

According to Eli, residents have organised five demos to demand the road to repair. But until now their demands never responded.

“We, the people of Demta District have been very disappointed. We asked the government about the road work from Kilometer 17 to Demta, is it (the improvement) is just a lip service? We demand it now. Do not use us a political object,” he said.

According to him, road damage hampered economic activities of the people. Residents who want to sell their farm products to the city were forced to discourage.

The protest action coordinator, Oto Tauruy said they blocked the main road to prevent PT Sinar Mas’ vehicles from passing the road.

“Public vehicles may pass,” said Oto.

The blockade starts from port of Sinar Mas in Demta from the morning until afternoon. Jubi failed to get any explanation from the company.

Head of Tarfia Village, Silas Tauruy said the blockade will continue until they get response from the company.(*)