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Security forces allegedly shot 17 Papuans, one dead



Yulianus Pigai, one of the victims of shooting in Deiyai Regency August 1 2017 – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – The TNI, Police and Brimob joint forces allegedly shot 17 civilians of indigenous Papuans (OAP) in Deiyai ​​District. One of them named Yulianus Pigai was shot by hot bullet, six were still being treated at Deiyai ​​Hospital, three were treated at Tendage Health Centre, Deiyai, and seven children were treated by his family.

One eyewitness (PE) said, this incident began on Tuesday afternoon, August 1, 2017, at around 16:30 local time.

At that time a young man, Ravianus Douw, 24 years old, with six other friends bathed in Oneibo Creek, Deiyai. At that time a number of workers are working on an interconnection bridge project under the contractor company PT. Putra Dewa Paniai.

“Locals appealed for vehicle assistance to the company that is building a bridge on Oneibo Creek to rush the victim to the hospital. But the company did not pay attention, so one of the residents must go to Waghete (nearby town) to call for vehicle that is quite far, at about 10 km,” he said.

“After being rushed to Madi Hospital, Paniai, the victim passed away,” he said.

A similar narrative said by Father Santon Petege Pr., a leader of Paniai Parochial told Jubi on Tuesday night (August 1).

Father Santon said, there were some young men bathing in Kali Oneibo. One of them drowned. But after being saved to the surface, this young man was still alive and in critical condition, he needs help.

They then asked for help to the bridge workers to use the company’s car to bring the victim to Paniai Hospital. Unfortunately the workers did not want to rent the car to bring the drowned victims to the hospital.

There was an unsuccessful bargain. Five hours later, a different car was obtained. The victim was then quickly taken to Madi hospital. About 2.5 hours drive by car to the hospital in Madi, Paniai.

“But he died when he got to the hospital,” said Father Santon.

The victim’s family and relatives think that the victim (Ravianus) might still be saved if the company workers agree to lend their car. They were disappointed and then got angry at the workers, who were still in the vicinity of the bridge construction.

“Then this project chief called the police. The joint forces of police, mobile brigade police and army officers came. Did not ask questions but shot several youths,” he said.

Father Santon deplored the acts of thuggery of the apparatus. According to him, they should ask in advance to find out the real case. “I am very sorry. Officers must be responsible,” he said.

The police refused of shooting recklessly                                                 

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Kombes (Pol) A.M. Kamal confirmed to Jubi on late Tuesday the chronology of Ravianus Douw’s death. But he denied the officers shot at people recklessly.

Police also said that when local people came to the location of the project, there was an incident of beating to one of the workers and also destruction around the site. On that basis, according to him, the company then called Mobile Brigade Police which is about one kilometer from the location.

Brimob commander with local police force, about nine people, then headed to the location and checked all workers.

“There was one worker went missing, maybe because he was afraid and run, but now he’s found,” he said.

He claims that his members have attempted a persuasive approach and negotiated with the local citizens, but they failed.

“The villagers attacked the security forces probably because they thought police would defend the company. Brimob and police officers withdrew while firing warning shots into the air. Because people are still throwing stones at members of Brimob and police, they then shoot to the ground and apparently there are bounce’s bullet and wound four residents. No one died because of the bullets. Only some wounded,” he said.

Meanwhile, Paniai Police Chief, AKBP. Supriyagung said on Tuesday night (1/8) that he was at the Tigi police station to confirm the incident. “I am in the Sector police station, to check the truth of the news referred. Children (victims) are also going to the hospital,” he said.


Victims in Deiyai hospital

Officer of Deiyai Hospital emergency unit, Yanuarius Pekei said, as many as seven victims were rushed to hospitals and one of them had died from three bullets in the left and right legs.

“The one who died named Yulianus Pigai. The bullet is still in his body. The other three are still critical, named Yunior Pakage, hit by a right-footed shot to the left; Delia Pekei was shot on the right shoulder right to the right arms; And John Pakage was also hit by on his arm,” he said.

He added that three other victims of Meki Pakage, Esebius Pakage and Penis Pakage suffered minor injuries and had been given medication.(*)


Papua’s legislator suspects an intrigue behind foreigners’ deportation




Papua’s Legislator John Gobai – Jubi / Doc

Nabire, Jubi – Papua’s Legislator John Gobai suspects an intrigue behind deportation of foreigners in Nabire.

The statement followed the arrest of twelve foreign workers by Timika Immigration Authority at the bank of Musairo River, where located in the mining area of PT. Pacific Mining Jaya (PMJ).

According to Gobai, he has raised the issue about foreign workers in Nabire to the Papua Police but no prompt response. Papua Provincial Government gave a permit to PT. PMJ to take a mining sample, but the company conducts a gold mining operation.

Jubi has tried to contact the Head of Immigration Office of Tembagapura, Jesaja Samuel Enock, but no answer from the immigration authority until this news written. Based on the information obtained by Jubi, there are currently 22 foreigners in Nabire. (*)


Reporter: Titus Ruban

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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Activists hold a long march in Manokwari to commemorate 17 years of Wasior human rights violation 




Caption: Demonstration of 17 years of Wasior Case – Jubi / Doc

Manokwari Jubi – Dozens of human rights activists, the families of victims, and human rights partisans held a protest to commemorate human right violation in Wasior 2011 by holding a long march in Manokwari on Thursday (13/05/2018).

Masses started to walk from the Information Office in Sanggeng to LP3BH Office in Fanindi to submit a legal complaint file to the LP3BH Director, Yan Christian Warinussy.

The Chairman of the Council of Indonesian Trade Union (GSBI) West Papua, Yohanes Akwan, in a press release declared that up to 17 years of Wasior Case occurred, the state remains to neglect the incident that occurred in 2001. 

We submit our aspirations officially as well as a request to LP3BH to continue to voice the cases of human rights violations in Papua to the international community,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the LP3BH Director Yan Christian Warinussy said this complaint was part of the respect towards the human rights. “This is a part of human rights enforcement, as well as a responsibility of human rights defender to accept this complaint.

The Indonesian Human Rights Commission once investigated the Case of Wasior in 2003, but the case closed at the level of investigation. At that time, Warinussy was a member of Wasior Human Rights Investigation. (*)


Reporter: David Sobolim

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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Catholic Church leader at Sentani secure the Eid al-Fitr prayer




Caption: Illustration of Masjid Al-Aqsa Sentani during the construction – Jubi / Doc

Sentani, Jubi – Some members of the Catholic Youth Organization (OMK) of the Parish ‘Sang Penebus Sentani’ assisted the police to secure the procession of Eid al-Fitr prayer that took place the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sentani, Jayapura District on Friday (06/15/2010).

Despite these young people, Pastor Hendrikus Nahak OFM also involved in this activity.

“The harmony of interfaith people should come from a sincere heart. What I want to say is harmony is beautiful, that a beautiful harmony should come out from a sincere heart,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Taklim Masjid Agung Al-Aqsa Sentani, Nurdin Sanmas, expressed his gratitude to the entire community who took part in securing the Eid al-Firt prayer.  “I want to say more in my speech, but I was touched to see the pastor himself led the young people.”

Moreover, he expected what has been done by the pastor can be imitated by other religious communities in Jayapura district. (*)


Source: Antara

Editor: Pipit Maizier


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