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Sentani Airport - Supplied

Sentani Airport – Supplied

Jayapura, 16/4 (Jubi) – International flights to and from Papua will be soon realized after the Provincial Government decided to designate Frans Kaisepo Airport in Biak Numfor Regency and Sentani Airport in Jayapura Regency as international airports.

The Head of Transportation Department of Province Papua, Yusuf Yambeyabdi said the Sentani Airport is listed as one of 10 national airports that are ready to get an international status.

The Transportation Department is still conducting an academic assessment on the Frans Kaisepo Airport while paperwork is being prepared for Sentani. Yusuf said his office has endorsed Frans Kaisepo to be an international airport.
“My secretary is currently in Biak taking the required documents from Angkasapura for our further assistance. I have also met the representative of Air Transportation Department, I hope the Frans Kaisepo Airport could be included together with the Sentani Airport,” he said.

A tourism observer, Mian Simanjuntak welcomed the news, saying such a move could improve the tourism and economy of Papua.

“It’s really a good news for the tourism practitioners in Papua, because it would motivate the entire sections of tourism in Papua to give their contributions to the development in Papua,” he told to by phone. (Jubi/Albert/rom)



Gasoline prices hit IDR 20 thousand per litre in Papua




People are queueing for gasoline. – Jubi / Piter Lokon

Yahukimo, Jubi – Yahukimo solidarity team for development and tribal chiefs are going to investigate the fuel distribution from Timika to the gas depot (APMS) in Yahukimo due to a crisis of fuel in Yahukimo.

Team leader Napius Yalak explains the depot only operates for three to four days a month and the fuel stocks run out immediately when it opens. So he suspects a culprit plays around with the supplies.

“I conveyed to the relevant agency that people in Yahukimo cannot have gasoline and diesel as it should. What is the problem? Is it financial constraints or deliberately saving?” told him last week in Dekai.

According to him, fuel can also be bought in some gas retails. However, it is expensive. “My car is almost running out of gas, but I have pay IDR 20 thousand for a litre.”

He thought the high price of gasoline is very detrimental for low-income communities, so it needs serious attention. “We will take firm action on this matter because this is detrimental for people’s finance. We will also ask for compensation on this.”

Meanwhile, Head of APMS Dekai Lamalaha said they have restricted fuel for 35 kilolitres each for motorbikes, cars or even those who come with jerry-cans, but the number of demand is high, so the fuel availability is not sufficient.

“We are overwhelmed. Moreover, 80% of the vehicles are without the police numbers. So it is difficult to ensure whether the local people got their quota or not. If we mark the vehicle, they will erase it. If we paint it, they scold us,” he explained. Another obstacle, continued Lamahala, is the length of time needed to get the fuel supplies.

“It takes 12 days to ship the fuel to Dekai from Makassar. Then it needs a day to dock and four days to load the fuel and next two days to unload the fuel from the ship. Hopefully, the fuel price in Dekai remains stable this month,” he said.

“The gasoline that goes to Dekai takes 12 days because the big ship is on the way from Makassar. Next, break a day and load four days ago until here unload two more days. Hopefully this month the fuel price in Dekai may be stable, “he said. (*)


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Health workers are on demand in Papua




Meeting between UP2KP team with a legislator of the Commission IX Roberth Rouw – Jubi/Dok UP2KP

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Accelerating Health Development Unit (UP2KP) admitted Papua Province still need more permanent health workers said UP2KP team to a legislator of the Indonesian House of Representatives from the Electoral District of Papua. They asked the legislator to enforce a quota of health workers in civil servant recruitment in 2018.

We observe that Papua needs permanent health workers for more effective and efficient health services,” said the First Director of UP2KP Agus Raprap in the press release to Jubi on Sunday (20/5/2018).

He said many health problems such as exceptional condition (KLB) and outbreaks of diseases in Papua, in particular in remote areas, were occurred due to a crisis of health workers.

A member of the Commission IX of the Indonesian House of Representatives from the Electoral District of Papua Roberth Rouw said he is ready to view the input on the health workers recruitment for Papua. He moreover said that health is the most critical sector of human development resources.

I will learn the data related to the human resources demand (in the health sector). I will give it to the Minister of State Apparatus, but UP2KP should also provide data because this is very important to show a specific map about the existing of health workers in Papua and the number of health workers from outside of Papua that we need,” he said.

According to him, the lack of health workers in Papua becomes a very concerning issue. He agrees with the result of the monitoring and evaluation conducted by UP2KP which reveal that many health facilities in Papua, especially in districts, do not have permanent health personnel. (*)


Reporter: Roy Ratumakin

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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The exclusion of indigenous rights in Papua autonomy era




Forestry Region VI Nabire Office is barred. – Jubi / Titus Ruban

Nabire, Jubi – After nearly a week, the Forestry Region VI Nabire (KCDK) Agency finally operates after the Head of KCDK Region IV Office open it since it was barred by former staff members of Nabire Forestry Agency due to the inauguration of officials and new structure in this agency by the Acting Papua Governor.

They thought the appointment of non-Papuans in the office structure is against the Law No. 21, 2001 on special autonomy, which mandates a priority should award to indigenous Papuan, particularly Nabire native. It moreover considers neglecting former civil servants of Nabire Forestry Office whose office currently merge into the provincial forestry office.

KCDK Region VI Nabire Agency was as a result of the enactment of the Law No 23, 2014 on the Regional Government and the Government Regulation No. 18, 2016 on the regional apparatus.

According to these two regulations, staff and authorities of the Regional Forestry Office transferred to the provincial office. Papua Province then opened a branch office in the district as an extension of the Provincial Forestry Office. However, the new office structure does not accommodate the former staff.

A former staff member of Nabire Forestry Office Tenni Sembor said Acting Papua Governor should refer to the Law No.21, 2001 on Papua Special Autonomy before a decision to appoint the head office and establish a new structure of KCDK Region VI Nabire. He must prioritise Nabire natives as mandated in the law. He moreover explained that none of the officers in the new structure come from Nabire District, which is the Saireri customary area, and its natives are the owner of the land tenure right in Nabire Municipality.

So we think this humiliates the rights of indigenous Papuans, in particular, the customary people in Nabire, whereas the Special Autonomy Law is the basis of protection and alignment towards the rights and local wisdom of Papua indigenous people,” said Sembor on Tuesday (5/22/2018).

Another former staff member of Nabire Forestry Office Marthinus Taa thought it is very unfair because, in this special autonomy era, none of the Nabire natives gets a position in the new structure. “While the agency is to manage forests in Nabire which associated with the customary rights of indigenous peoples,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Customary Consultative Council (BMA) of Wate tribe of Nabire District Yohanes Wanaha expressed his concern on the inauguration. He asked Acting Governor and Papua Provincial Office to reconsider the inauguration occurred on Monday 2018.

This is an insult to the rights of indigenous and tribal peoples in this land. The Special Autonomy Law is still ongoing, but for decades, the government hardly accommodates our rights as indigenous peoples,” he said. (*)


Reporter: Titus Ruban

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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