Violence against Jubi’s journalist is still under investigation

Yance Wenda with Jubi journos and Indonesia Alliance of Journalists Jayapura City reported case of police violence against him to the police division of Professional and Security at Papua Regional Police station – Jubi/Arjuna

Jayapura, Jubi – The case of violence against Jubi journalists, Yance Wenda who allegedly conducted by unscrupulous members of Jayapura Police, early May 2017 is still under investigation by Propam Papua Police.

Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Senior Commissioner (Pol) AM. Kamal said the case had not yet been transferred to Jayapura Resort Police because it was still under investigation by Propam Polda Papua.

“It is still under investigation in Propam Polda,” said Kombes (Pol) AM. Kamal to Jubi, Wednesday (June 14)

Later from the investigation of Propam Polda, facts will be revealed. If it is proven that member of the police commits an offense, there will be sanctions according to the type of violation committed.

Kombes (Pol) AM. Kamal previously stated that the investigation conducted by Propam Polda Papua against several witnesses, including victim witnesses and those around the crime scene (TKP).

He warned Papua Police to avoid acting outside the rules. He said, reward and punishment apply to any member of the Police wherever they are located.

It applied to all members of police officers in Papua, not only for them who are in duty at Regional Police office.

He said to give the right and freedom to anyone who wants to conduct community activities, especially if the activity is aimed at the public interest.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar last month said he was concerned about the violence of journalists, especially in Papua. He warned any police who forcefully taken journalist camera to stop doing that “outdated action”.

However, he said journalists are also have to be professional and balanced in the cover (both side), because it does not close the possibility of violence against the journalist has something to do with the news.(*)