Yance Wenda reported the police violence to Propam Police of Papua

Yance Wenda (second to the right) with Jubi journos and Indonesia Alliance of Journalists Jayapura City reported case of police violence against him to the police division of Professional and Security at Papua Regional Police station – Jubi/Arjuna

Jayapura, Jubi – The beatings and arrests against a Yance Wenda, a journalist at Koran Jubi and tabloidjubi.com by alleged members of Jayapura Resort Police, Monday (5/1/2017) in Sentani Jayapura District, Papua, were reported to police division of Professional and Security (Propam) Regional Police (Polda), Tuesday (2/5/2017).

Yance was accompanied by Editor in Chief of Koran Jubi, Dominggus A Mampioper; Jubi editors, Yuliana Lantipo and Timoteus Marthen; and Alliance of Independent Journalist (AJI) Jayapura City, Lucky Ireuw, Anang Budiono, Roy Ratumakin and Veni Mahuze.

Yance then unravels the chronology of his arrest and ill-treatment to the division. He said he was at a kiosk about 50 meters in front of Jayapura Police Station while eating areca nut. He was observing the arrest of KNPB Sentani activists. Not long, a police officer approaved him. He removed Yance’s black glasses without excuse and asked questions.

“I said I am a journalist. When I’m about to show them my letter of assignment that I keep in my bag, another police officer grabs the bag then I am taken into the Police station by some police officers while being kicked and beaten by their hands and rattan,” Yance said before the division officers.

Yance claimed could not recognise the police officers who beat him, because he covered his face to avoid the blows of the officers.

“When I was taken into the police station, there was an intelligence member who defended me, he told the police ‘don’t do it, if anything happened (we’ll be troubled), and he said he knew me,” Yance explained.

The Propam division then asked him for witnesses, and he said the police intelligence can be the witness. The Propam police received the report then promised to deepen the case.

Koran Jubi Editor in Chief, Dominggus Mampioper said he would keep an eye on the case of his journalist.

“We will give attention to this case until it is completed and has a fixed legal basis. We hope that this case will be the last one, should not be repeated to other journalists in Papua, especially in Jayapura City,” he said.

Lucky Ireuw who is also the Senior Editor of Cenderawasih Pos Daily Morning agreed with Dominggus. He hoped that Yance’s case could be resolved legally in order to bring a deterrent effect to the security forces who often conducted repressive actions. (*)

Reporter              : Arjuna Pedemme

Editor                    : Zely Ariane