Yanto Gombo, a young Papuan painter who started off by a hobby

Yanto Gombo with his realist paintings in Indonesia Institute of Arts and Culture in Papua. The three paintings were offered by buyers from outside Papua –Jubi/ Agus Pabika.

Jayapura, Jubi Paint is a hobby that people seldom have. Only those who have talent that can produce work that attracts many people and also high valuable economically.

Yanto Gombo, a student of ISBI (Indonesia Institute of Arts and Culture) in Papua, born in 1996, is able to create natural and original portrait paintings through various media, such as paper, canvas, bark, computer sketch, plywood, house wall or building.

Yanto’s painting talent has been flowing since his elementary school (SD).

“I painted since my primary school, usually when there is no teacher in our class, we have a drawing competition with friends, painted a picture of who has a good one, and that habbit in the class carried up to now,” Yanto said to Jubi in his campus in Jayapura (May 4).

Since he has known as a painter, Yanto often receive orders to paint in various places in Jayapura and Wamena.

“I was asked to paint at kindergarten in Sentani, hotels and churches, generally for paintings about 3 × 4 meters up to 4 × 4 meters wide, and it took maximum four months of work, depending on the size of the image and the quality of the image consumers want,” he said.

Thedi Pekei from Papuans Photo Community hopes that Papuan children who have skills and talents such as Yanto can be supported by the government by giving them space and opportunities to perform in various activities.

After Papuans photo community promotes Yanto Gombo, now new offers come from various regions in Indonesia. (*)

Reporter              : Agus Pabika

Editor                    : Zely Ariane