Hillgrove Papua Drilling Pending Forestry License

Original Source : http://theindonesiatoday.com/resources/resources-headlines/13929-hillgrove-papua-drilling-pending-forestry-license

Written by Hatman Bintang

Theindonesiatoday.com – Hillgrove Resources Ltd is still waiting license to use forest area from Indonesian government to proceed with drilling activities in the Green Cliffs gold project, Bird’s Head, Papua.

Hillgrove has hired PT Akram to undertake the drilling. “Although all planned target holes are located outside protected forest, the laws of Indonesia stipulate the requirement for Pinjam Pakai permit to undertake drilling. The process is proving to be an opaque, time consuming exercise, and has delayed planned exploration investment, and local benefits arising from it,” Hillgrove said in its report to shareholders.

The ASX-listed company said the project is at drill ready status, but cannot proceed without the required permit, which to date has not been forthcoming despite a complete lack of objection to the proposed very low impact drilling program and the full support of the local landowners, local community, and governor of West Papua, plus ministry of energy and mineral resources.

“Like many other applicants in Indonesia, slow progress is being made, and under the circumstances, patience is necessary. Permits are being issued, so the system is not broken, but it is groaning under the weight of several thousand pending applications, and the resultant and continuing delays are very frustrating,” Hillgrove said.

Still, the company expressed its optimism about the Pinjam Pakai permit will be granted in due course to commence the drilling.

“We understand that we have fulfilled all required documentation and submissions, and have been advised that we have passed internal scrutiny by the ministry of forestry. We believe permitting will be forthcoming, but we cannot specify when,” Hillgrove said. ( [email protected])

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