Public Asked to Stop Talking Politics

Jubi-Ilwayab Communities in the District are required to sustain life. There is no God or whoever that officials will take the bread and enter the mouth. Remember that and remember it well. If the natives are still busy with the political talking, someday you will become slaves in your own land themselves.

This was stated by Merauke Regent, Drs. Romanus Mbaraka, MT when face to face with the people in Kampung Wogikel some time ago. “Stop talking about politics. Merauke regent was appointed and there is no new leader for the next five years. Instead, you remember and care to provide for working families, “he pleaded.

If the community is still busy with politics, Regent Romanus, the political elite and the progress will continue. They will work to get a salary and do not think the people at lower levels. If still busy with political affairs, you will die engulfed Indonesia and the world progress.

“I took a group of Kimaam and cross the big wave to sleep in bevak-bevak at the intersection of three Kontuar. It was done so that officials know that the condition of society is like this from day to day. They rowed a boat from one place to another to catch fish for his family, “said Regent Romanus. (J/14)

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