Ironic, there is still a Health Center have no specialist in the Capital of Papua Province

Jayapura, (30/7)-Abepantai Health Center, at Abepura, Jayapura City, West Papua, approximately 4 KM from the office of mayor of Jayapura have inadequacy of medical personnel (specialist). Ironically, the inadequacy of specialist that occurred when the government launched a program of specialist in Jayapura city early in June.
“I was inadequancy of specialist. I need a dentist,” said Head of Abepantai Health Center, Fanny E. Korwa, S.Km to, Thursday (26/7) at her office.

According to Fanny, health centers which lead by her have only one doctor. “I only have one doctor. She can not work because there is some of health program at village health center or service to patients requiring the specialist. ” said the woman who was a former head of Muara Tami Health Center.

“If we go to the villages, no doctor here (Abepantai Health Center). The problem is many peoples here  suffering from toothache. We must refer to the Abepura Hospital because no dentist here.” said Fanny.

According to Fanny, she was ever relieved when the mayor launch the program of specialist. Because the specialist like dentist will fill their needs. However, the program is not maximized. The dermatologist only came once to Abepantai Health Center. “Only once, physician gender and dermatologist came here. After that we do not know anything because there is no further informations. ” said Fanny. (Jubi/Benny Mawel/Victor Mambor)

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