Six months not getting paid, 300 teachers went strike

Hundreds of teachers rallied to the courtyard of the Office of Education and Teaching in Madi, East Paniai District, Thursday (July 13) – Jubi / Ist.

Jayapura, Jubi – At least 300 volunteer teachers or non permanent elementary to senior high school teachers in Paniai District, Papua, went on strike the whole week.

It was triggered because their salary during the first six months of this year has not been paid by Paniai Education and Teaching Office (P and P).

Hundreds of teachers also rallied to the offices of Paniai Education and Teaching Office, Madi, Paniai Timur District, Paniai, to claim their rights.

“Monday, three days ago and today, head of the office P and P Paniai had promised to meet, but he did not come and said that he was ill,” said Yohanes, field coordinator who is also a non permanent teacher when contacted by Jubi from Jayapura, Thursday (July 13).

According to John, since January 2017 to July their salary has not been paid. “Approximately Rp 3 million per semester,” said alumnus of Biology Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Cenderawasih University (Uncen).

The strike of non permanent teachers resulted in the process of teaching and learning in a number of schools stalled. Because most teachers in school, he continued, is a contract or non permanent teacher.

A staff member of the Education and Education Office of Paniai who did not want his name to be written said per cell phone to Jubi on July 13 that he was not at office when the hundreds of teachers rallied.

Nevertheless, he said the related contract has been included the salary of non permanent teachers. “I also do not know why the payment has been delayed,” he said. (*)